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Beyond ROI Data Privacy Center

Your data, your call. 

At Beyond ROI, we take your privacy and security seriously. We want to be completely transparent about how we collect, use, and dispose of your data. 

Beyond ROI Privacy Policy Introduction

Welcome to Beyond ROI survey and reporting system.  Beyond ROI, Inc., headquartered in Raleigh, NC ("Beyond ROI", "we", or "us") is an assessment and measurement company dedicated to providing individuals and companies with information that will enhance training efforts. 


Beyond ROI cares deeply about privacy and is committed to being upfront about our privacy practices, including how we treat personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to all information collected in our surveys as well as any personal information pertaining to or provided by our on-going contracted partners ("Partners") or clients whom we directly engage for one project ("Client" or "Client Company"). 


We will not — under any circumstances — sell or rent your
information to any third party.



The types of information we collect includes information that can be used to identify any individual who participates in our surveys ("Participants") and/or any contacts at our partners and client companies. Examples of information we collect are name, email address and demographic information not limited to team or manager, and any other information participants choose to provide (“Personal Information”). 


Beyond ROI may receive personal information from partners, client companies and/or directly from participants. If we are given this information, we may use it to create an email campaign so that participants receive an invitation to complete a survey(s) and possibly reminders to participate. Participants will have the option to give consent or opt-out of the process in all communications from us, in our surveys, and in all post-survey communications/reporting. More information on consent below.

To opt-in to a survey, participants must either enter OR confirm their name and email address and accept this privacy policy. If participants choose to opt-in to a survey, they will answer questions that are specific to the skills introduced in a training that they have either already attended or plan to attend.  During the survey, participants may also be asked to provide a Success Story giving details about how they used their skills in an actual opportunity. Ultimately, these responses provide us with information that will help communicate how effective the training program was and determine where emphasis could be placed moving forward. 

If partner/client company has included this service, participants may receive an individual profile (via e-mail) after completing a survey. Unless otherwise explicitly noted in contracting with partner and/or client company and communicated to participants, Beyond ROI also shares data points with appropriate contacts at partner/client company.  The data points are explicitly meant to be used in their training needs/effectiveness analysis. Important: The information that we share with participants and partner/client companies is intended for use in personal development, training and reinforcement efforts, and coaching purposes, not for disciplinary or compensation purposes.



As of May, 25 2018, all Beyond ROI surveys must offer participants the opportunity to give consent to our policies or opt-out. The following language will be agreed upon before entering our surveys: 

By accepting Beyond ROI’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, you are giving consent for Beyond ROI to keep your name, email address and responses in our database for up to 3 years unless otherwise requested by your company. As part of your response, our survey platform may collect certain information and store it in log files. This information may include: your Internet Protocol (IP) address information about your use of the survey; and data regarding network connected hardware (e.g., computer or mobile device), such as unique device identifiers, type, model, version, MAC address, device or session ID, error related data status, capability, confirmation, functionality, performance data, and connection type. This information may also include clickstream data, which is information about the page-by-page paths you take as you browse through a survey.

For software system administration purposes, we also log user sessions so that we know when, how often and what pages of the survey a user visits. To avoid the need to re-insert your username and password every time you move from one page of our survey to the next, we use cookies.



Cookies are data files that are placed on a computer when it is used to visit a Website. These cookies may be used for many purposes, including, without limitation, tracking user preferences or web pages visited while using the Website. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can usually set your browser to remove or reject cookies, but note that doing so does not necessarily affect third party flash cookies used in connection with our survey platform. For more information about disabling flash cookies, visit the Flash Player settings on
Adobe’s website. Please note that if you choose to remove or reject cookies, this could affect the availability and functionality of the survey platform. In addition, please be aware that if you choose to block cookies, some advertising preferences that are dependent on cookies may not be able to be respected.

3. HOW TO OPT OUT:  The first opportunity to opt-out of our communications and surveys begins in our emails and/or the Welcome page of each survey.  If participants do not check the box that indicates acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, they will not be able to move forward in the survey, effectively opting out of participation. Participants not only have the right to opt-out of the survey but also have the right to be forgotten. They will also have an opportunity to click on the Unsubscribe link.  By clicking on this link and submitting the form, Beyond ROI will receive a notification that they have chosen to opt-out and will permanently delete their email address and name.  This will result in no further communication from us or our survey system


IF PARTICIPANTS CHANGES THEIR MIND AFTER OPTING IN:  Participants have the right to change their mind at any time, even after taking the survey. Every communication and report received from Beyond ROI will include an Unsubscribe/Opt-Out link that will make it easy to exercise the privacy rights listed below:   


  • RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN / RIGHT OF ERASURE:  If you chose to have your responses and personal information (name and email address) removed from our survey system.

  • RIGHT OF ACCESS:  If you would like to have a copy of your responses at any time in the future.

  • RIGHT OF RECTIFICATION:  Remove data due to erroneous response.


To submit questions after reviewing this privacy policy, please contact us. 


The Beyond ROI data privacy contact can be reached at:

Beyond ROI, Inc.

Security and Compliance Manager 

ATTN: Lindsay Trumpler

512 Brookfield Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615


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