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As a trusted training measurement partner of hundreds of companies, at Beyond ROI, everything we do is designed with you in mind - including this custom portal. This is your one-stop shop to:
  • Access your post-training results & reports
  • Understand what's included and how best to leverage your results
  • Know what to expect at each step in the process
  • And, reach out and touch someone!  (Just kidding. But we are here to help!)
Need Help?  Contact Kelly Finnegan at or +1 (919) 615-4200.
Where do I find my results?
Select your Business Unit below to view and download ALL corresponding reports.  Keep in mind that reports are updated dynamically as participants complete the survey.
What's included in each report & how do I use the results? 
Click through the carousel below to learn more about each of the reports you will be receiving and how best to leverage your results.


  • Provides each individual with a custom coaching profile

  • Points managers toward the skills that yield the greatest return

>Learn More

How does the process work? 
Below is an overview of the 3-step workflow and what you can expect in each step of the process.
As participants complete
the survey, all reports update dynamically.
Once all participants in your business unit (or within a business segment) complete the assessment, we will debrief you on the results.
Participants receive their MyView profiles via email within minutes of submitting their response.
Reminders will be sent to participants on days 3, 5, 8 and 10.

You can monitor participation via the online Participation Report. 
At the end of the 10 days, we will let you know who did not respond so you can follow-up with them directly (as desired).
We launch your measurement
60-120 days after your workshop (depending on your sales cycle).
Your measurement will be open for 10 calendar days (Monday through the following Wednesday OR Wednesday through the following Friday).
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